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Looptrotter 2 Sylvia Massy slider

Looptrotter Emperor Limiter Sylvia Massy

BAE AUDIO 1073MPL slider

Adaptacja akustyczna, panele akustyczne VicousticWiktorow banner studio 1

Looptrotter Audio Emperor Resolution Awards 2016-slider

Looptrotter mikser

Looptrotter Mikser Samba banner 1

adaptacja akustyczna, panele akustyczne Vicoustic

Adaptacja akustyczna, panele akustyczne Vicoustic

Kahayan selector 8x4

mjaudiolab sa2rate demo

Emperor slider


BAE 1073 01

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Bryston 340

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Looptrotter Audio SA2RATE - test Computer Music Studio

Looptrotter Audio SA2RATE


Pierwszy test Looptrotter Audio SA2RATE we Włoszech! Computer Music Studio.

"Sa2rate is the first choice in the harmonic distortion hardwares, it is so easy to use.
With only 2 knobs you will achieve the right saturation you were looking for.
Sa2rate is the first step into the world of harmonic saturation!"