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Looptrotter Emperor Limiter Sylvia Massy

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adaptacja akustyczna, panele akustyczne Vicoustic

Adaptacja akustyczna, panele akustyczne Vicoustic

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P1 Audio Processor

Safe Sound Audio
P1 Audio Processor
EiS 12-2008 
Test Safe Sound Audio - P1 - Estrada i Studio 12/2008.
 "(...)P1 to bardzo wysoka półka jakościowa, zarówno jeśli chodzi o przedwzmacniacz jak i układ dynamiki. Szczególnie interesujące wydaje się połączenie przeźroczystego brzmieniowo preampu z ciepłym pod względem barwy, a jednocześnie bardzo skutecznie funkcjonującym blokiem dynamiki." - Artur  Kraszewski Estrada i Studio .
Safe Sound P1
Front end

Super low noise wide bandwidth microphone input with more than 70dB gain, really good for those fantastic old ribbon mics. High Impedance instrument input.
Balanced Line Input. Really easy to use single gain knob for all three inputs.
 Insert jack

Plug in your favourite effects unit.
Safe Sound P1


A studio quality expander that's really easy to use. Beautifully smooth noise reduction or use it as a gate to kick some life into a drum track.


This is the SMOOTHEST compressor on the planet. If you love compressors which distort and pump, then SORRY this is not for you. The P1 compressor is super smooth using a multistage design called peakride. Very fast when required to be but always in control and never bad tempered! Fully adjustable THRESHOLD, RATIO and ATTACK. 'Follow audio' controlled release time and automatic gain make-up complete the picture.
The Power Supply System

The P1 houses a 100% analogue power supply unit with a super high quality toroidal power transformer feeding three 100% linear power voltage regulators. No nasty switched-mode power stages here we promise!
P1 back 

We don't use the words 'world class' lightly! We believe this is the most sophisticated 100% analogue limiter on sale today. True 'look ahead' limiting which allows a potential overload to be caught BEFORE IT OCCURS but with absolutely no latency. This is STEALTH PROTECTION against digital overloads entering your hard disk based recording system. What's more there's absolutely no adjustment necessary in daily session use. Set once and forget.

Output stage

Balanced output stage with +21dBu drive capability.
Zero latency monitoring and personalised mix while tracking

The P1 features a stereo mix section and high quality headphone amp. This enables the artist to blend their own signal within the stereo monitor mix and find a comfortable level while tracking.


Safe Sound Audio - Procesory dynamiki