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Safe Sound Audio - Tracking Toolbox

Safe Sound Audio trackin toolbox
Tracking Toolbox
Safe Sound Audio Tracking Toolbox 
 This is our premier tracking toolbox for vocals and other sources requiring a wide open mic pre combined with the best tracking compressor on the market.

Classic Class-A discrete transistor mic amp feeds a second servo IC stage to boost the maximum gain up through 70dB, well beyond most of the single stage Class A designs.

Peakride compression is very easy to dial in when tracking and evens out levels in a very musical way without robbing the sound of life, so bringing the performance a new energy.

Use the toolbox to track with confidence and it will give you great results and inspire confidence when you have difficult dynamic sources to work with.

Use it live when you need a portable rugged high quality mic pre/compressor for the lead vocal. A life saver when you’re touring and have to mix on the house PA.
safe sound audio tracking toolbox 
Front end
Class A discrete transistor mic pre feeding a servo IC second stage.  Wide open sound with more than 70dB of gain available.
Front panel access to a High Impedance instrument input.
Balanced Line Input.
Really easy to use single gain knob for all three inputs.
Switchable 80Hz hi-pass filter with 18dB/octave slope.
Balanced Insert allows the insertion of EQ pre dynamics if required OR record direct from the mic amp output (insert send) and use the insert return to make the dynamics section available to a different channel source.
A studio quality expander that's really easy to use. Beautifully smooth noise reduction on voice overs or use it as a gate to kick some life into a drum track.
This is the SMOOTHEST compressor on the planet. If you love compressors which distort and pump, then SORRY this is not for you. The Tracking Toolbox compressor is super smooth using a multistage design called peakride. Very fast when required to be but always in control and never bad tempered! Fully adjustable THRESHOLD, RATIO and ATTACK. 'Follow audio' controlled release time and automatic gain make-up complete the picture.
Switchable fixed threshold limiter for ultimate protection.  The limiter design combines programme related elements of 'look ahead' dynamic threshold control with dynamic adjustment of attack time. Another great tool with a dual personality; very fast clipping protection when tracking but also very useful as a creative tool in its own right when pushed into heavy levels of limiting.
Output stage
Balanced output stage with +27dBu drive capability.
Zero latency monitoring and personalised mix while tracking.
The Tracking Toolbox features a stereo mix section and high quality headphone amp. This enables the artist to blend their own signal within the stereo monitor mix and find a comfortable level while tracking.
Quality components and build
Composite Steel and Aluminum Extruded Case which is both physically very rugged and provides very effective screening from other gear and RF.
Quality precision aluminum control knobs.
100% Neutrik audio connectors.
Audio switching by sealed au-alloy contact relays.
The Power Supply System
The Tracking Toolbox houses a 100% analogue power supply unit with a super high quality toroidal power transformer feeding three 100% linear power voltage regulators. No nasty wall-warts or switched-mode power stages here we promise!

safe sound audio tracking toolbox 

Safe Sound Audio - Procesory dynamiki