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adaptacja akustyczna, panele akustyczne Vicoustic

Aktywne monitory PMC studyjne

Adaptacja akustyczna, panele akustyczne Vicoustic

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Panele akustyczne Vicoustic

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Bryston PowerPac 300 SST

BRYSTON PowerPac 300 SST- wzmacniacz mocy
Bryston PowerPac 300 

            The Bryston PowerPac 300 amplifier, is a no-compromise, modular, single channel power amplifier delivering 300 watts at 8 Ohms, or 500 watts into 4 Ohms. The PowerPac 300 is a modular monaural version of our very popular 4B SST stereo amplifier but designed to be utilized in applications where portability, sound quality and flexibility are of prime importance.

            The PowerPac 300 is a perfect choice for use as a portable power amplifier which can be attached directly to the rear of your loudspeaker. This provides for the use of very short speaker leads resulting in a much improved loudspeaker/amplifier interface. The PowerPac 300 can also be bolted on the wall for utilization in audio/video surround systems (left/right/center/rears) where a non-conspicuous power module is required. A further application would be in multi-room audio systems where single or multiple amplifiers are needed to provide music in adjacent rooms. Finally, with the recent popularity in passively or actively amplifying the individual drivers in your stereo loudspeakers the Bryston PowerPac 300 would be ideal for use in this capacity.

    * Allows direct attachment or adjacent placement to loudspeakers

    * On-wall mounting

    * Easy application in any multiple driver active or passive stereo system

    * Balanced or unbalanced operation at the flick of a switch

    * Gold plated 5-way banana jacks, RCA and XLR connectors

    * Ground lift switch to reduce annoying hum

    * Level control adjustment

    * Detachable power cord.