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Looptrotter 2 Sylvia Massy slider

Looptrotter Emperor Limiter Sylvia Massy

Looptrotter Monster Compressor

BAE AUDIO 1073MPL slider

Adaptacja akustyczna, panele akustyczne VicousticWiktorow banner studio 1

Looptrotter Audio Emperor Resolution Awards 2016-slider

PMC monitory studyjne aktywne

Looptrotter Mikser Samba banner 1

adaptacja akustyczna, panele akustyczne Vicoustic

Aktywne monitory PMC studyjne

Adaptacja akustyczna, panele akustyczne Vicoustic

Monitory PMC aktywne

Panele akustyczne Vicoustic

Vicoustic panele akustyczne

Kahayan selector 8x4

Akustyczne panele Vicoustic


Vicoustic - panele akustyczne

Vicoustic - Sound Tropez

Panele Vicoustic

Zapanuj na akustyką

Emperor slider


BAE 1073 01

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Bryston 340

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Looptrotter Audio - SA2RATE



Purple Audio - Sweet Ten Rack

Purple Audio
Purple Audio - Sweet Ten Rack
 Lunchbox na 10 modułów 500
kompatybilne moduły z oferty MJ AUDIO LAB
BAE 312B ,
Great River MP-500NV,
Purple Audio Mic Biz Pre 
Purple Audio Pants
Purple Audio ACTION,
Purple Audio CANS,
Purple Audio Odd,
Purple Audio Sweet Tn 500 Rack
Purple Audio Swet Ten 500 Rack  



    * 10 Slot 500 Module Rack
    * Internal Linear Power Supply
    * +/- 16VDC 1.8A
    * +48VDC 150ma
    * Second Balanced Output Utilizing -2 & Link Pins (For Purple Audio Preamps Split output & Compressor linking)
    * Front Handles
    * Locking Female XLR connectors (Not worth mentioning unless you have used other 500 racks)
    * Ninth slot capable of accepting the Purple Audio Moiyn (8x2) Mixer Module (specs to come)
    * Power supply magnetically shielded - no PSU noise in adjacent slots
    * Switch for 115/230 volt mains, 50/60hz compatible
    * Regulation to 100VAC Mains Capable
    * CE, ROHS, & WEEE Marked


    NOTE: The ninth slot mechanically will not accept any module with a full enclosure, including but not limited to some API modules, as well as Chandler, Speck, Avedis, A-designs, etc. The back of the module enclosure hits the connector for the Moiyn mixer module (not used on any other module), and so those modules will not seat correctly. Purple, Great River, Buzz, Eisen, the API 512c, and other modules without enclosures should all seat correctly. This limitation is ONLY for the ninth slot; all other slots should accept any 500 module with or without an enclosure.